Fox Lair Investigative Services is a licensed, bonded, and insured Private Detective Agency that provides ALL phases of INVESTIGATIONS and PROCESS SERVICES, as well as NOTARY SERVICES to all of Minnesota.

For Insurance Companies

I investigate all insurance claims by offering clients discreet surveillance by an investigator who knows what to look for and which evidence to gather.

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For Individuals

My investigative services are all backed by experience, training and meticulous attention to detail. My services include thorough investigations to confirm or alleviate suspicions that a spouse or significant other is cheating.

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For Lawyers

Rapid location of the information you require through targeted searches of public records resources, as well as an in-depth examinations of the subject, or an investigation of potential spouses and more.

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K9 Services

We provide K-9 services to a wide variety of locations, for a wide variety of reasons. Dogs For Defense Inc, explosive detection dogs and handler teams are one of the most efficient methods of explosive detection on the market!

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