For Individuals

My investigative services are all backed by experience, training and meticulous attention to detail. Services include thorough investigations to confirm or alleviate suspicions of a spouse or significant other’s infidelity through video and photographic evidence of their daily movements. Also provided are investigations into the suitability of an individual for parenting time, or whether someone is employed despite their claims of unemployment to the court system. GPS trackers can be employed in certain cases to allow virtual tracking of a vehicle, or of a child (GPS in clothing or backpack), to help keep a real-time location of property or person. Surveillance can be established at a place of residence, place of employment, or at a location suspected to be a frequent address a person visits. Fox Lair Investigative Services will only provide information that is allowable by Data Privacy Laws, and will only provide services to those individuals not prohibited by any court order to receive it (Order for Protection / Harassment Restraining Order).

Fox Lair Investigative Services also provides Process Services for any private individual, law firm, or business in need of confidentiality, reliability, and prompt delivery of any document to any address in the State of Minnesota.

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