For Insurance Companies

I offer my clients discreet, persistent surveillance by an investigator who knows precisely what to look for and which evidence to gather. I am experienced in all aspects of SIU investigations, and am able to work closely with any Case Manager, providing update status whenever requested. Real time internet is available while in the field, which allows me to maintain up to date information about the client or changes in the status of the SIU case. All surveillances come standard with video and/or still photography to document the claimant’s movements, travel, and daily activities of their lives. Surveillances can be performed at the residential address of a claimant, or at the claimant’s place of employment. Pretext calls and other means of contacting the claimant to verify information can be provided, or can be left at the discretion of the SIU Case Manager.

Currently Fox Lair Investigative Services is committed to working with several national insurance companies, and continues to strive to meet the needs of each company based on their individual requirements. Please contact me today for quotes to get started with building a committed partnership with Fox Lair Investigative Services.

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