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If your firm requires a subject to be located for witness statements, or perhaps as a victim of a crime, Fox Lair Investigative Services provides the experience needed to obtain the statements you need before you get them on the witness stand in court! Included in the investigation is the rapid location of the information you require through targeted searches of public records, and other resources of information to verify or disprove information gained through witness statements or even law enforcement reports. Fox Lair Investigative Services will also provide your firm with photographic evidence of a crime scene, accident scene, or of property involved in a civil dispute. I am licensed, insured, and bonded in the State of Minnesota so am able to travel to all locations in search of your information.

Fox Lair Investigative Services also provides Process Services for any law firm, business, or private individual in need of confidentiality, reliability, and prompt delivery of any document to any address in the State of Minnesota.

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