GPS Tracking  (GPS Tracker Rentals)

Fox Lair Investigative Services also has the capability to conceal real time GPS trackers for tracking solutions for my clients. The trackers use GPS signals in conjunction with cellular triangulation to track a location. They work in almost any area where many of the other trackers will not, including parking garages and inside buildings. The GPS tracker can provide the investigator with real-time tracking updates every two minutes and can even send notifications when the target enters or leaves a specific area.

This GPS tracker has superb accuracy and is perfect for spousal or child locates, asset tracking and vehicle tracking. I can provide you, my client(s) with continuous real-time tracking along with detailed reports and mapping. For example, from my office in Minnesota I was able to tell a law enforcement officer in Michigan which parking stall a subject vehicle was parked in at a truck stop along the interstate.

I also provide this same professional grade real-time GPS tracker for rent. No technical experience needed, no equipment to buy and no monthly contract fees. I will do all the work and maintain the trackers. Just contact me anytime 24/7 and I can tell you where the tracker is. I can also send you text message notifications in real time of movements in or out of designated areas. Your rental fee will include all historical reports and mappings of locations. If you are looking for short-term professional tracking solutions without the cost of hiring an actual investigator, contact me.

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