K-9 Services:

Narcotics and Explosives Detection Teams

Fox Lair Investigative Services, in partnership with Dogs For Defense, Inc. provides K-9 services to a wide variety of locations, for a wide variety of reasons.

Fox Lair Investigative Services’ Narcotic Detection K-9 is a German Shepherd imported from Belgium, and certified by the United States Police Canine Association and the North American Police Work Dog Association. The Narcotic Detection K-9, or what some people call a drug dog, is a non-invasive search approach to a very real problem in today’s society. It can be at a school, place of employment, or even your home, and our K-9 team will perform searches designed to not only locate illegal narcotics and marijuana, but it will also deter criminal behavior in that location for the future. Our K-9’s are trained on actual narcotics, not pseudo scents, to ensure that our K-9 teams are providing you the most accurate sensory tool available to locate and destroy commonly abused narcotics and drugs.

Dogs For Defense Inc, explosive detection dogs and handler teams are one of the most efficient and accurate methods of explosive detection on the market today! These very effective, mobile teams can quickly locate and identify dangerous explosives, or materials to make them, neutralizing the threat to your business, place of entertainment, or any public venue. Just as important as locating explosive materials, the K-9 teams can quickly rule out the presence of dangerous materials in unattended packages, structures or vehicles, while providing a quick resolution to a tense situation. These K-9’s are trained on real explosives and meet the highest standards of validation and certification in the United States. Dogs For Defense Inc. may be contacted through their website at www.dogsfordefense.us

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