Insurance Fraud Case Study

Fox Lair Investigative Services was hired by a Nationally known insurance company to perform a surveillance on a claimant seeking a $400,000 payout on an injury sustained while at work. The claimant was stating that he could not work due to the inability to stand for long periods of time, and that he could not bend over at the waist, or lift anything beyond 10 pounds with either arm.

On Day One of surveillance the claimant was not at home, so a pretext call was made to his given cell number, to which the claimant answered. The claimant was asked about a vehicle that he had for sale in his yard, and the claimant stated that he was currently hunting up north and was not at home to show it. While on the phone the claimant bragged about “beating the brush for grouse”, all of which Fox Lair obtained in a voice recording.

On Day Two of surveillance, the claimant was followed from his residence to another rural residence where he was observed helping a work crew on re-shingling a house. Fox Lair Investigative Services was able to obtain video and still photographs of the claimant prying and lifting 4’x8′ sheets of plywood from the roof and throwing them off, hammering nails, and carrying bundles of new shingles all by himself, while he was observed bending, lifting, and twisting to accomplish the job.

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