Marital Infidelity Case Study

Sarah (name changed) long had suspicions that her husband David (name changed) was cheating on her. He “worked long hours” and always seemed to be away from home on “business trips”, even though Sarah knew that his business never required travel. There were other “indicators” that Sarah had suspicions about, but was unable to prove them and wanted an independent source to look into David’s habits.

Sarah was fed up with David’s excuses, which always led to Sarah feeling paranoid and second guessing herself. Sarah knew that she needed to know for herself that her suspicions were correct, so she hired Fox Lair Investigative Services to look into the situation.

Fox Lair Investigative Services put a GPS tracker on their mutually owned vehicle, and was able to repeatedly track David to a residential address of a single female. Video and still photography was utilized to document the trips in and out of the residence, as well as intimate hugs and kisses at the door when greeting or saying good-bye to each other. More video was obtained of the “new couple” going out to eat at their favorite restaurant.

With the information provided by Fox Lair Investigative Services, Sarah was able to make an informed decision about what her course of action was going to be about remaining in the marriage. Sarah’s intent was to use this evidence against David in any actions that might arise in the process of securing her two children’s custody, or future child support.

Fox Lair Investigative Services remained on the case after the divorce, and once again proved beneficial to Sarah by giving her evidence to give to Family Court that David was in fact employed with a new employer, even though David told the court that he couldn’t pay child support as he was “unemployed”.

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