Child Custody Case Study

Dan and Marie (names changed) where the paternal grandparents of Andrew (name changed), and had been given temporary custody of him while their daughter Melissa (name changed) tried to get her life together from a long history of drug and alcohol abuse. The father of Andrew was in prison in another State and had never been in Andrew’s life as he grew up. Fox Lair Investigative Services was hired by Dan and Marie when they discovered that Melissa was filing court papers to regain the custody of Andrew, and knew that Melissa had not changed her deceitful and destructive ways of life.

Once on the case, Fox Lair Investigative Services conducted covert surveillance of Melissa and her new “older friend” at her place of residence, as well as her routine when she left. During this surveillance it was discovered that Melissa and her friend were possibly still involved with illegal drugs, and video was even obtained of them “cooking meth” in the residence where Melissa was petitioning the court to allow Andrew to live. More surveillance showed Melissa and her friend having “alcohol parties” at the residence at least 2-3 times a week, and going late into the early morning hours. Further investigation into the life of Melissa showed documented evidence that she was not employed and had no steady income from any outside source. Despite claims by Melissa to the court that she was not in an intimate relationship with anyone, Fox Lair Investigative Services showed evidence through photographs, of Melissa and her boyfriend hugging and kissing intimately.

Through the evidence provided by Fox Lair Investigative Services, and the testimony provided in court to support the surveillance, the grandparents were granted full legal and physical custody of Andrew. The court also advised Melissa that any further action sought to regain custody of her child would have to be prefaced with her actions to seek and obtain rehabilitation treatment, become employed, and to remain sober and drug free for 1 year.

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