Background Check Case Study

Erin (name changed) runs a day-care service. She had been successfully running the service for two years from a small facility in St. Cloud with only a few part time staff for two years and was finding that she should expand her business and find a bigger space to accommodate more children.

Along with the new, larger space she would need to hire at least two full time staff to help her with not only the children’s needs, but also the administration of a facility. She posted her call online and performed the interviews and had narrowed her choices down to three potential candidates.

Before she made the offers, she wanted to ensure that her candidates were clear to work with children. She asked Fox Lair to look into their backgrounds. While all the candidates checked out , she did discover that Mike (name changed) had been involved in criminal activities before while working at a public park that he did not disclose during the interview. Erin decided to exclude Mike from her decision since he did not disclose his past.

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